final expense insurance is long-term coverage

Short and long-term insurance coverage options exist in all forms. When it comes to final expense insurance, it might get confusing, because it has the appearance of being short-term coverage, but that might not be the case. Read more about short and long-term coverage and what category final expense fallsContinue Reading

final expense insurance for retirees

Final expense policies for retirees are both affordable and necessary. You might think it is too late to obtain a final expense insurance policy. However, it is not too late to be approved for a final expense policy. Read more below about what to do when you are retired andContinue Reading

Is burial insurance worth the cost?

Is burial insurance worth the cost? This question is asked very often, but it is the wrong question. The better question would be can you afford to be without it?   What Does Burial Insurance Cost? Burial insurance premiums vary in cost based on the individual being insured. Many factorsContinue Reading

get funeral insurance with fibromyalgia

Qualifying for funeral with fibromyalgia is possible. In fact, thousands of people with fibromyalgia have qualified for funeral insurance policies, and now have the peace of mind a final expense policy provides. Read on to learn more. Fibromyalgia is a painful condition. People diagnosed with fibromyalgia experience pain in waysContinue Reading

Affordable final expense policies and diabetes

Affordable final expense policies and diabetes are not mutually exclusive. Diabetes is a manageable chronic condition. Final expense insurance can be a manageable expense that will pay off in the end. Learn more about how living with diabetes and obtaining final expense insurance is manageable.   Diabetes is a diseaseContinue Reading